• Box of Chocolates Cookie Cake

    Assorted Valentine’s chocolates mixed into vanilla dough with salted vanilla buttercream, topped with chocolates!

    Super Bowl Muddy Buddy Cookie

    Chex coated with cookie butter, dark chocolate, and powdered sugar, mixed into a cookie butter swirled chocolate chip cookie, finished with powdered sugar.

    Custom #Pick5FattyCake

    KitKat | Twix | Snickers | M&M's | Reeses Cups | Chocolate Chips | Lemonheads | Swedish Fish| Oreos | Lemon Cookies |

    Ooey Gooey Butter Cake | Glazed Donuts | Coffee Caramel | Stout Caramel | Salted Caramel | Blueberry Jam | Cherry Jam | Strawberry Jam | Pretzels |Peanut Butter Chips

    Guava | Chocolate Ganache | Nutella | Cookie Butter |

    Peanut Butter | Marshmallow | Rainbow Sprinkles |

    Captain Crunch |Peanut Butter Crunch | Chocolate Sprinkles |

    Fruity Pebbles | Rice Crispy Treats | Cocoa Pebbles | Potato Chips

  • FAQ

    Typical turnaround time is three days for cakes and cookies, 10 days for jars, but never hesitate to text or call and see if we can ship out something same day.


    Orders requiring Next Day Air service, please contact us directly rather than ordering online.


    Cakes are shipped wrapped and sealed in an insulated box. Elaborate 3D decor is not possible due to possible breakage. Cakes, cookies, and jars ship at room temperature and are shelf stable for up to 10 days or frozen up to two months if wrapped and sealed airtight.

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